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Technology & Advanced Dentistry Services in Tulsa, OK

First let me say that the advancements in Dentistry boggle my mind, when I think about how much my profession has improved since I graduated from dental school in 1991.  Back then we were doing silver fillings on all the back teeth, our x-rays were the old style with the smelly tanks, and our drills squealed like bad brakes!

Today, our materials just keep getting better and better, with more durability and better aesthetics.   We have zirconia crowns that don’t turn black at the gumline with age, electric drills that are gentler and quieter, and many of the goopy gaggy impressions can be taken with a wand scanner instead of a tray of goop!!  I am very excited to be able to provide these great materials to my patients.  Giving them million dollar smiles at now more affordable prices.

The digital x-ray has cut our appointment times in half.  Remember (if you are old enough!!) when you took pictures and had to drop them off at the photo lab and had to wait three days to get them back.  Now your phone can take a picture and immediately be stored or printed at the touch of a button.  Our x-rays now function the same way…with better image quality!!!

We are also part of the 8% of dentists in Tulsa that offer 3D technology.  That’s right!  We can now do 3D dental and facial imaging.  This is called cone beam technology and I bought it primarily for treatment planning dental implants so my patients would not have to travel to three different places to get their implants placed, but it has quickly become one of my most important diagnostic tools. 

While we don’t use 3D on everyone, I feel like I have stepped through the looking glass into a new world of dentistry.  Where I previously had to extrapolate from a two dimensional x-ray and patient's symptoms, I can now see a fractured tooth, an extra canal in a root canal, a blocked sinus, and a myriad of other things that can be difficult to diagnose.  A great example is that tooth that has never felt right but appeared normal in an x-ray, the 3d allows me to evaluate the tooth similar to that of an MRI and get to the ‘root’ of the problem (sorry for the pun!).