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Restoring Smiles & Function with Tulsa, OK Restorative Dentistry

Patients who have damaged, decayed, or missing teeth may feel that their oral health is lost, but the skilled dentist and team at Rogers Dental Group have years of experience and training in advanced procedures to comfortably and effectively restore patients’ oral health, no matter how severely damaged their smiles may be.

Conveniently located in Tulsa, OK, our practice welcomes patients from Broken Arrow, Jenks, and other nearby communities. Our superior restorative dentistry services include tooth replacement solutions, root canal treatments, periodontal therapy, and more.

Crowns & Bridges

Wow! What can we say about crowns and bridges? Crown materials and techniques have changed dramatically over the last several years.

The majority of our crowns and bridges that we do now have no metal component whatsoever. Now the patients with gum recession or metal allergies maintain bright beautiful smiles for years after placement. Another bonus is that many receive less tooth reduction!

While we love to place implants some people with missing teeth are better served with “fixed” (meaning do not take in and out) bridges. Fixed bridges give both beautiful and strong.

Root Canal Therapy

Many patients aren’t sure what a root canal is. The brief explanation is that when the nerve inside the tooth becomes irreversibly inflamed or infected it must be removed and the canals that it is in must be cleaned and filled.

Sounds horrible? It sounds pretty awful but most root canals are routine procedures that can be done the same day!

Dr. Rogers performs almost all of the root canals at RDG. This is what will same time and money for referrals and additional appointments with other Doctors. Occasionally, when necessary, he may refer you to the endodontist (root canal specialist) but not often.

How do I know if I need a root canal??

Teeth that need root canals do many different things. Some begin hurting unbearably, others show sensitivity to hot and cold, while others swell your cheek or show no signs at all. We have the ability to assess whether or not a root canal is needed with in-house tests including 3D Scans!


We extract teeth for many different reasons including wisdom tooth extractions. Occasionally, patients are referred to oral surgeons for medical reasons.

In Dr. Rogers’s career he has taken out over 10,000 teeth!!

Most patients have some level of anxiety with extractions so we offer pre-medication, gas, or sedation to patients to put you at ease.

Partial & Full Dentures

Patients who are missing numerous teeth or a full arch of teeth have depended on traditional, removable dentures to restore their oral health for countless years. Partial dentures are comprised of replacement teeth fitted into a gum colored base that sit between remaining teeth and are clipped into place. A full denture is crafted similarly to partial dentures, with replacement teeth set into a base that resembles gum tissue; one big difference is that it’s held in place by utilizing natural suction or a small amount of denture adhesive. Both options are removable for easy cleaning, and they can comfortably and effectively restore patients’ smiles, clarity of speech, and chewing ability, allowing them to eat a healthy, well-rounded diet.