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Your Checkup and Cleaning at RDG

We want to make you a part of our RDG family.  Part of that includes coming in for your regular cleaning and checkup. 

Are you feeling guilty because it’s been so long?

Don’t!! We get it… We have busy schedules, work responsibilities, and so many family activities it makes our head spin!

You will not get a lecture about how long it’s been. Our goal is to get you that “fresh from the dentist” clean feeling and prevent more complicated future problems, and ease your mind about any dental condition that you may be worried about.

I frequently am asked “how often do I get my teeth cleaned” and “at what age should I start bringing my children”?  The basic answer to the first question is every 6 months…

Cleanings twice a year is a one size fits all model.  It is mostly based on the average time it takes for tartar to start building up on your teeth and cause inflammation.  Truth be told, this model doesn’t fit all of our patients.  In fact, some patients need or even want to come on earlier intervals. And some, with very good home care can be seen once a year.  One of the main advantages of 6 month cleanings is giving us the opportunity to diagnose problems while they are minor.  Cavities and failing fillings typically cause no pain until they are advanced problems that require more extensive work.  Many early repairs are minimally invasive and can be done without anesthetic.

As for your children, we would like to see them as soon as their teeth start coming in.  Partly just to get them comfortable in a dental office.  Children’s teeth change so rapidly and they are more prone to decay so they should be seen every 6 months.  At RDG we can diagnose treatment and do cleanings for your children under 11 years of old but we feel that they are better served in pediatric dental setting for their treatment.