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Teeth Straightening, Orthodontics, & Fastbraces® in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dr. Rogers has been doing conventional orthodontics for over 20 years.

We are now doing Fastbraces, which in our opinion, has revolutionized teeth straightening, making it more affordable and in much less time.

We encourage you to contact us about Fastbraces- We Love It!! Most Fastbraces cases take about 20 weeks. Some less!!

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are composed of a system of brackets, wires, and bands. Using precise plans and measurements, an orthodontist tightens the wires to shift teeth into their ideal position. The process takes between 12 and 24 months and is effective in correcting even the most severe malocclusions (crooked bite). During treatment, patients need to visit an orthodontist about once a month in order to monitor progress and adjust the brackets and wires, allowing teeth to gently shift into alignment. While traditionally, bracket and wire braces have been crafted from metal, we also offer tooth-colored and clear brackets and wires for a more cosmetic alternative.

Fastbraces® Orthodontics

Fastbraces are a quicker and more affordable solution than traditional braces. Instead of straightening your teeth over a period of years, you can now have a straight, healthy smile in a matter of months. With a patented design that features cutting edge technology, Fastbraces are reinventing the way people view braces. The technology used uprights teeth in only one stage, and uprights the roots of the teeth only using one wire! Contact our Tulsa office today to find out more about how Fastbraces can change your smile.